• Welcome to ELSS App Website


  • What is ELSS App ?

    It is an online company established for the purpose of providing its customers with actual and real discounts in agreements with companies in all sectors that offer discounts at agreed rates for their customers using a smartphone application by linking the application to smart devices available in all stores through which the application code is scanned and discounts are awarded

  • What does ELSS App do ?

    The company seeks to provide the best services to its customers and provide the strongest discounts to users in a variety of different sectors needed by the individual at all levels of life and strive to reach the leadership in the field of e-marketing, and the delivery of the service to the maximum number of users and spread in more than one country to benefit the user during his travel so that the application as a guide to the destination of the user in spending matters and the ease of access for users to shops

  • Who are the beneficiaries of ELSS App ?

    There are two types of customers benefiting from our services: First the companies and stores in various sectors Second the individuals

  • Why should I subscribe to ELSS App ?

    To get exclusive discounts and several distinct services we offer you in addition to gifts and besides knowing the latest news related to your favorite shops first Powell

  • What is ELSS App subscription Pricing for individuals ?

    - 10 JD for 6 months subscription - 18 JD for 12 months subscription

  • Where is ELSS App Company located ?

    Jordan - Amman - Fhakri Al Aqrabawi Street - Building # 11 - ThirdFloor

  • What does ELSS stand for ?

    Easy Life Shopping Style

  • Do you have your own offers ?

    Yes, all in - app offers are our own

  • How can I subscribe to ELSS App ?

    Through the points of sale located and spread within Amman with contracting companies in ELSS App and through electronic payment or sales representatives authorized at our application or through the website of our company

  • How can I create a personal account in ELSS App ?

    When you log in to ELSS App, by registering now and then adding your personal information to activate your account and from here you can use your QR code

  • Where are your sale points located ?

    When you log in the home page in the app, there is a POS map, from there you can specify your nearest place

  • What is “ My Offer " Service ?

    It is a list showing all purchases made by a person from stores in - app

  • What is “ My Favorite “ Service ?

    It is a list that helps you choosing the best stores available in - app in order to find out the latest offers and news through sending notifications

  • What are ELSS App services for individuals ?

    - Informing customer of goods and services provided by ELSS App - Getting real discounts when you subscribe to ELSS App - Sending notifications via ELSS APP regarding all new and latest offers, services and places of presence - Sending notifications when contracting with any new store or increasing the discount rate at any contracted store or company - The accessibility of users to stores via the map available in - app

  • What is “ What's new “ service ?

    Informing of all offers

  • What is ELSS Points service and how can I benefit from it ?

    When you make a purchase you get points and when you accumulate points can be redeemed for special gifts offered by us or cash-back service

  • What is “ Buy Now “ service ?

    Showing your own code which is scanned by our device available in stores

  • Do I receive notifications of the latest offers ?

    Yes, by clicking on the favorites that will be in the form of a heart shape and will be alerted to the latest offers of the company you want to follow the latest special offers them

  • Are there other future services ?


  • Can someone else use my account in ELSS App ?

    No, you cant

  • Can I transfer my account to another phone ?

    Yes, but to recover your account from the old phone on which the application was downloaded only after six months

  • How can I get discount ?

    After seeing the offer you want to choose and go to the shop and to make the purchase you need to enter on the application and click on your QR code and give the code to the employee cash

  • How can I change my password ?

    Via settings

  • How can I add a store to “ My Favorite ” list ?

    Through clicking on “ heart image ” in the profile of each store

  • Does ELSS App have a delivery service ?


  • Can I transfer points from one person to another ?

    No you cant

  • How is my QR code will be used ?

    By going to the application and press the QR code button located on the home page in the top left of the Arabic version and in the top right of the English version