• Welcome to ELSS App Website


  • What is ELSS App ?

    On one hand, ELSS App is the provider of offers for restaurants, spas, attractions, activities, salons, sports, fitness venues and more across Amman. You can use all of the Offers seven days a week (some minimal exclusion days apply, such as Public Holidays and other special occasions) for the whole year. Each venue features four Offers, so now you can enjoy a world of great times and big savings. On the other hand, It is a cloud-based and full-featured application that supports growing and independent businesses at any time from anywhere. It empowers the clients to run smarter businesses by downloading unlimited number of offers, keeping in touch with all your users, and accessing sales reports and customer information using a user-friendly and accessible platform as well as setting up loyalty programs for its users and its clients. By this, it will reward both of them with gifts and cashback for encouraging them to build loyalty to our brand

  • What does ELSS App do ?

    Establish ELSS App to be the premier offers provider in Jordan while providing the best customer service in the sense of warmth, friendliness and individual pride. Customers can claim their offers by scanning their QR code by smartphones installed in the store, and get points that can be redeemed either as gifts or 5% cashback. Moreover, the Clients can add, renew and cancel the offers besides determining the quantity of the items allowed per each. The client will also have their loyalty program and dashboard where they can track their sales activity and understand the needs of the market much better.

  • Why should I subscribe to ELSS App ?

    To get exclusive discounts and several distinct services we offer you in addition to gifts and besides knowing the latest news related to your favorite shops first Powell

  • What is ELSS App subscription Pricing for individuals ?

    - 20JD for 6 months subscription - 30JD for 12 months subscription

  • How can I subscribe to ELSS App ?

    Users can renew their subscription through the following channels: Points of Sale located in ELSS App Company https://www.google.com/maps/place/Easy+Life+Shopping+Style+-+ELSS+App/@31.9792582,35.8620108,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x151ca16fd0723569:0x7d9a6a4abf1a9059!8m2!3d31.9792582!4d35.8641995 Electronic Payment Gate Visa and Mastercard sales representatives authorized at our application Calling us on 0770230220

  • How can I create a personal account in ELSS App ?

    1.Click on the “Register Now” button. 2.Fill the fields with the required information 3.Agree on the terms and conditions. 4.Press “Register” to open the app

  • Where are your sale points located ?

    When you log in the home page in the app, there is a POS map, from there you can specify your nearest place

  • What is “ E- RECEIPT " Service ?

    E- receipts section shows the history of purchases made using ELSS App where the number of the receipt, the item, the original price, the new price, the discount, and the receiving points are shown.

  • What is “ My Favorite “ Service ?

    It is a list that helps you choose the best stores available in-app in order to find out the latest offers and news through sending notifications

  • What are ELSS App services for individuals ?

    1. Get offers for restaurants, bars, spas, attractions, activities, salons, sports, fitness venues and more across Amman. 2. Claim offers by scanning their QR code by smartphones installed in the store and get points that can be redeemed either as gifts or 5% cashback

  • What is “ What's new “ service ?

    What’s new” Service is the section in which the users can see the latest offers available in our family stores. This section presents the items with their original price snd the discounted price along with the received points upon purchasing.

  • What is “ Buy Now “ service ?

    Buy Now is a button the user presses to have the QR Code on their Mobile Screen. And this QR code can be scanned by a device placed in the merchants' stores.

  • Do I receive notifications of the latest offers ?

    Yes, by clicking on the favorites that will be in the form of a heart shape and will be alerted to the latest offers of the company you want to follow the latest special offers them

  • Can someone else use my account in ELSS App ?

    No, you cant

  • Can I transfer my account to another phone ?

    Yes, but to recover your account from the old phone on which the application was downloaded only after six months

  • How can I get discount ?

    After seeing the offer you want, go to the shop and end the purchase you need using the QR which will be scanned against a device installed in the store. Lastly, pay and screenshot the e-receipt to get points and document your purchase.

  • How can I change my password ?

    Open the app, Go to the sliding menu, Choose Change Password from Setting, Enter your current password then enter the new one, Press change password button

  • How can I add a store to “ My Favorite ” list ?

    Through clicking on “ heart image ” in the profile of each store

  • Does ELSS App have a delivery service ?

    ELSS App does not provide a delivery service, but users need to approach the store to claim the offer using their QR code

  • Can I transfer points from one person to another ?

    Points of one account cannot be transferred from one account to another account. Knowing that the expiry of each point is one year

  • How is my QR code will be used ?

    By going to the application and press the QR code button located on the home page in the top left of the Arabic version and in the top right of the English version