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About Us

Is an electronic company that has created a business for the purpose of making actual and real discounts for its customers through agreements with companies in all sectors. It works to give discounts at agreed rates to its customers by applying to smart phones and linking the application to the smart machines are available in all stores through which the application is read and discounts are given.


1- The company should be a link between shops and customers. 2- Service to the largest number of customers. 3- Expansion and spread inside and outside Jordan. 4- Achieving profitability by increasing the number of customers. 5- Reaching the leadership and achieving the highest level of service to subscribers. 6- Guidance customers to shops which are participating in offers and discounts. The Processor company seeks to market the virtual marketing to provide the best services to its customers and provide the most effective discounts to customers in a variety of different sectors which are needed by the individual at all levels of his life, and not only a specific age group, but also all members of society and seek to reach the leadership in the field of electronic marketing so that the company link between the contracting companies and customers by delivering the service to the largest number of customers and spread in more than one country to benefit the customer During his travel so that the application as a guide to the user's destination in the spend of its purchasing and easy access of customers to shops.